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The most effective ways to burp your baby

It is so satisfying as a parent to finally hear your baby burp! It usually comes with much joy and relief, especially for the parent! Trapped wind can be very uncomfortable for your baby and can cause them lots of distress. Both breast and bottle fed babies swallow air when feeding. Breastfed babies tend to take in less air, but if you have an abundance of milk or a strong let-down, your baby could be taking in extra air as they gulp to keep up with the flowing milk. Crying is another way a baby can get trapped wind and babies with colic do cry. Giving your baby Infacol before each feed helps relieve wind, infant colic and griping pain. The active ingredient Simethicone allows the tiny bubbles in your baby’s stomach to join together to form one large bubble which is easier for them to pass.

We have put together a few tried and tested methods that you can try to see what works for your baby!

  1. Over your shoulder
    Hold your baby so your baby’s chin is over your shoulder. Gently pat your baby’s back with one hand, try using a cupped hand as opposed to a flat hand which can be gentler. Use patting and rubbing motions.
  2. On your lap
    Sit your baby on your lap facing away from you. Gently support your baby’s chest with your hand, using your fingers to support baby’s chin. Lean your baby slightly forward and with your free hand, gently rub or pat baby’s back.
  3. Across your lap
    Place your baby face down across your legs at a right angle to your body. With one hand, support your baby’s chin and jaw. Use your other hand to gently pat and rub your baby’s back.
  4. In your arms
    Sitting down, cup your baby’s head in your hands with their legs pointing towards your stomach in a sitting position. Gently move your baby from the sitting position down to a lying position and back up to move the air in their tummy. Then try one of the other techniques again to expel the air.