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Five useful mum and baby blogs

The internet is home to a vast, comprehensive and informative amount of information, tips, advice and stories related to babies, toddlers and parenthood.

In fact long gone are the days when if an mum or expectant mum had a query about an aspect of motherhood she would have to book an appointment with her midwife or spend hours trawling though books in a library, as now she can simply ‘ask the internet’.

mum and baby blogs

With such a vast array of mum and baby blogs in circulation on the World Wide Web, it’s difficult to know which the best ones are. To help you decide which virtual portal to head to for information and advice about babies and parenting, below are five useful mum and baby blogs.

Dear Baby

Dear Baby is a popular baby blog written by a mum who wants to share all the amazing and wonderful experiences of being a mum. From inspirational stories about a mum and daughter who  sew baby products together, to stories of real-life working mums, Dear Baby is a moving and inspirational read for mums and mums-to-be.

Being Mama

This baby blog is a website designed for parent bloggers who want to share their stories and experiences with the online world. This interactive blog encourages readers to vote for their favourite stories and bloggers.

Founded by Alexandra Rose, single mum of a beautiful daughter, Being Mama is an inspiration for all single parents, encouraging them to always try and say positive and strong.

OMG I’m a Mom!

From stories about births to recipes for nutritional snacks to advice on how to lose the baby weight, OMG I’m a Mom! Blog is a great place for mums to gather to read light-hearted stories and advice about the joys of parenthood!

The Great Umbrella Heist

Finding out that your expecting twins must be a daunting and apprehensive time, but imagine how you’d feel if you found out you were expecting triplets!

The Great Umbrella Heist is written by Sarah, mum of identical triplets. This inspiring blog documents the joys and struggles of raising identical triplets.

Rachel Devine

If you are expecting a baby, there is nothing quite like gawping at photos of adorable babies and children to whip up excitement for your arrival. The Rachel Devine blog is a great baby photo blog that pools some of the best mum photographers from around the web.

The site’s owner, Rachel Devine, also offers online photographic workshops for beginners.